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GD Fit International success through a short period of time is a result of the strength of our mission, people, values and culture. The opportunities ahead will continue to enhance our vision of becoming a leader by providing our customers with comprehensive total logistics solutions to further complement their business.

The dedicated investors, company leaders, managers and associates bring our values to life every day as they serve customers and shareholders. We respect individuals, care for customers and strive for excellence in all we do. Simple words, but strong in how they guide us in serving each other and our customers.

Our aim is to build a quality portfolio with strong and sustainable yields. The opportunity to grow our portfolio is always on the horizons and we aim to fully benefit from that, thus ensuring a high return that will in turn lead us to a brighter future and provide assurance to our affiliates and business partners; an assurance that we are the very best at what we do.

In the end, the best clients are often those who keep coming back to you for more. The subject of long-term business relationships is a huge one that brings in many of the core themes of our business. Our successes have always been grown on building relationships, and revolve around value and trust. When carefully managed, long-term relationships can be of great benefit to all parties. So, practicing the methods of nurturing them is vital for our business growth and to our partners, our extended family.




Mr C.Y Pua is the Director of GD Fit International and graduated with a Degree in International Trading from the United States. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the areas of logistics operations that has seen him firmly sail GD Fit into the position it has become today. His keen sense of business coupled with his people performance management skill has seen him propel GD into the force it has become in such a short time span.